JBL’s three luxury audio lineups woo Singapore’s wealthier denizens
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JBL’s three luxury audio lineups woo Singapore’s wealthier denizens

By Liu Hongzuo - on 27 Jul 2022


JBL Singapore today (27 July 2022) formally updated and introduced its three luxury home audio series to the Singapore market. They include: relatively new studio monitor speaker models from the JBL Studio Monitor Series; the updated classic models called JBL Classic Loudspeaker Series; and the JBL Synthesis for high net-worth individuals who can easily afford a cinema setup in their homes.

Without further ado, here they are.

JBL Studio Monitor Series

(JBL 4367 Studio Monitor speakers)

JBL 4367 Studio Monitor speakers.

If you’re looking for reference grade, true-to-recording audio for your homes, JBL has the Studio Monitor Series available in various configurations, depending on your dwelling’s needs. In general, the studio monitor speakers by JBL feature patented compression drivers, matching horn designs, cast-frame woofers, front-firing ports, and high-quality cabinet construction to deliver neutral and impartial sound.

If you need a two-way, floor-standing setup, there’s the symmetrical JBL 4367 Studio Monitor (S$25,000 per pair) with 15-inch woofers, dual 3-inch voice coils, and dual 3-inch diaphragms, and JBL’s proprietary HDI waveguide horns. According to JBL, these speakers offer 110° lateral and 50° vertical imaging, making them ideal for general living room areas where your equally atas guests mingle.

If you need a more compact audio system for a smaller (yet equally moneyed) room, consider the JBL 4349 Studio Monitor (S$15,000 per pair) instead. These two-way monitor bookshelf loudspeakers pack 12-inch woofers with their dual 1.5-inch compression driver.


Then, there are also the relatively budget-friendlier JBL 4309 Studio Monitors (S$3,999 per pair), where these two-way monitor bookshelf loudspeakers have 6.5-inch woofers paired with 1-inch compression drivers inside its furniture-grade walnut wood veneers.

JBL Classic Loudspeaker Series

(JBL L100 Classic speakers)

JBL L100 Classic speakers.

For listeners who prefer a combination of style, quality, and legacy, JBL has an updated Classic Loudspeaker Series. These units feature JBL’s retro Quadrex foam grille look in three colourways, just like the original versions that first appeared in the 70s.

The JBL L100 Classic (S$6,999 per pair) is the modern successor to JBL’s rise to consumer audio fame. It’s a three-way ‘bookshelf’ loudspeaker with 12-inch woofers, 1-inch titanium dome tweeters, and 5-inch midrange drivers within. The product itself was designed by the same acoustic system engineer that made the 1988 JBL L100T3. But, they now feature improved, modern acoustics, with better transducers, enclosure tuning, and crossover network design. Calling them bookshelf speakers might be a misnomer though, as the L100 Classic units are 25-inch tall per side.


(JBL L52 Classic (left) and JBL L82 Classic (right))

JBL L52 Classic (left) and JBL L82 Classic (right).

If you want a smaller version of the classic speakers, there’s the JBL L82 Classic (S$3,999 per pair) with 8-inch woofers and 1-inch titanium dome tweeters. It uses the same tweeter found in the L100 Classic, but it’s nowhere as bulky as the original cabinets. In fact, listeners can get optional JS80 floor stands (S$500 per pair) to raise and angle the L82 Classic units to their preferred height and listening field.

The truly bookshelf-sized alternatives are the JBL L52 Classic (S$1,500 per pair) two-way speakers with 5.25-inch woofers and 0.75-inch titanium dome tweeters. These 13-inch tall cabinets offer a compact L100 Classic experience on your desk of choice.

JBL Synthesis

(JBL Synthesis)

JBL Synthesis.

For the truly well-heeled who’d like to import JBL’s cinematic expertise directly into their homes, you may consider the JBL Synthesis service.

In short, JBL Synthesis is a complete turnkey system for home theatres and dedicated media rooms. The only similarities between different JBL Synthesis configurations are their intended end result.

Each differently made solution pays attention to cinema sound reproduction in the comfort of your very expensive home, and that the audio solution is guaranteed to have multi-channel audio that covers not only cinematic depth while accommodating your room’s acoustics.

Since it’s a highly custom, made-to-spec audio solution, the entire JBL Synthesis process starts and ends with JBL Singapore’s guidance. The team considers all specifications, including preferred aesthetics (hidden or showy), decor (of all types), sound placement, and addressing structural challenges.

They’re also flexible enough to accommodate the client’s preferred third-party contractors for any required renovations. JBL also has preferred dealers and integrators who can help provide further insight and instruction into the ultimate listening experience.

The demo room we’ve experienced (thanks to JBL Singapore) is a 11-channel home cinema setup that costs approximately S$70,000 to put together. We’re pretty sure it would make even the most aurally-inept among us better appreciate audio separation and attention to detail.

To see the entire luxury audio range and/or to give the JBL Synthesis demo room a whirl, interested audiophiles can visit the JBL Sound Gallery @ T-Space at the following address.


JBL Sound Gallery @ T-Space

1 Tampines North Dr. 1, #06-33
Singapore 528559
Opening hours: 11AM to 7PM (Mon-Sat). Closed on Sundays and PH
By appointment only (Tel: 6337 7989, website here)